Aaron Chadbourne

Aaron Chadbourne Management Consultant Profile PicBorn and raised in Gorham, Maine, dedication and hard work were firmly instilled in Aaron from a very young age. “As soon as I could talk, I was put to work in my grandmother’s business – selling vegetables at a roadside picnic table piled high with corn.” These traits did not relent as he grew up, helping whenever he could, including every aspect of his family’s real estate agency. “The first day after high school graduation, I got my real estate license,” Aaron says. While the business was a way to earn summer income throughout college, Aaron saw this is an incredible learning opportunity and sought to take full advantage. While attending Gorham High School, Aaron set his sights on the prestigious Harvard University, where he would later be admitted.

During his senior year at Harvard, Aaron was increasingly interested in an education that combined business and law, prompting him to apply for both Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School. After receiving a one-year deferral, Aaron worked for the VIP Forum of the Corporate Executive Board in Washington, DC. “The group shares best practices among high-level wealth managers. It exposed me to the kinds of problems senior level executives frequently encounter. Within a week, I was on the phone with executives eager to talk to me because I could connect them with resources they needed.”

Aaron graduated with an AB from Harvard College in 2006 and completed the joint degree program at Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School to earn a JD-MBA in 2011. In addition to these accomplishments, Aaron has been admitted to the Bar in the state of Maine and Massachusetts. After graduating, Aaron accepted a position working as an engagement manager with McKinsey & Company, a consulting firm which has consistently received top rankings in the industry. McKinsey & Company are the trusted advisors to the world’s leading businesses, governments, and institutions.

Now serving as a senior policy advisor to the LePage administration in his home state of Maine, Aaron Chadbourne will advise the Governor and the executive branch of the State of Maine government on various issues including education, taxation, veterans, emergency management, defense, and government operations.